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Date Selected: 12-18-2021 Songs played: 64

Lightbringer (feat. Necro Facility)CovenantX
EntwinedNull Device
Polygon heartLlumen
Say just wordsZynic
Time after midnightBoytronic
Falling (I've tripped mix)Brave New World
Staring off at nothing (Beatfreq mix)Intuition
About denialRupesh Cartel
Kiss me quick (dance edit)Moulin Noir
DeviantCode 64
Like leavesColony 5
Suffer in silenceApoptygma Berzerk
The way I live my life (Distant world mix)Iris
Need to be proudEcho Image
I feel you (radio edit)Schiller mit Heppner
She (video)Clan of Xymox
Fantasmas (video)Twin Tribes
Nite rite (video)Ash Code
Katarsis (video)She Past Away
Inner noises (video)Agent Side Grinder
Barrel of a gun (video)Depeche Mode
Ceremony (video)New Order
How soon is now?The Smiths
Fascination streetThe Cure
SanctifiedNine Inch Nails
Love hurt bleed (video)Gary Numan
Tear you apart (video)She wants revenge
Just let go (video)Fischerspooner
I go hard, I go homeThe Presets
Zombie (GMS remix)Juno Reactor
MomentumNegative Format
Rites of passageAngels and Agony
AwakeAssemblage 23
RubiconVNV Nation
The scars I madeLlumen
Until the end of timeThird Realm
The flight (lux)Edge of Dawn
OmniscientPride and Fall
Fallen angelRed Flag
Mad loveBoytronic
The source (video)Void Vision
Elegance & you (video)Korine
Shadows (video)Twin Tribes
Anthem for a doomed youth (video)Veil Veil Vanish
The animals (video)Ladytron
Respect (Kontravoid mix)Hante.
Missing scene (video)Leathers
Annihilator (video)Night SinsX
Moon in waterUnderworld
Drifting awayFaithless
Tear gardenIAMX
Hope for meEmpathy Test
Timelessness (video)Mind in a box
Loneliness (video)Clan of Xymox
I feel you (video)Depeche Mode
Bitter tears (video)INXS
Ruined in a day (video)New Order
Being boring (video)Pet Shop Boys
Save a prayer (video)Duran Duran
The Promise (video)When in Rome
Start of the breakdownTears for Fears